Chevrolet Camaro from the Transformers will be serialized in 2013

Chevrolet dealers Company announced its intention to market a special modified coupe Camaro, which was called Bumblebee, and will be built in honor of the same character from the movie Transformers. As the site Camaro5, orders for this car in the United States will take from 1 June this year, but production cars will run from June to December.

It was expected that model Chevrolet Camaro, as well as a car from the movie, will be painted in yellow, black will be "racing" stripes going through the entire body, and shildiki under the "Transformers", to appear on the rims, thresholds and central console . Would coupe styling kit with a new bonnet and front bumper, designed in the style of "kinoshnogo" Bumblebee, have not yet been reported.

New product will be offered in two versions - LT and SS - with a 304-strong V6 and the 426-strong V8, respectively. In the U.S., the price of an ordinary Camaro start from 23 thousand 40 dollars, but how many will have to pay extra for a special version of the car, at the moment it is not known.