BMW X5 Typhoon Black Pearl

G-Power, specializing in tuning of BMW cars, unveiled its new masterpiece - a revised X5.

The same compressor eight engine was capable of delivering 625 hp. Maximum speed cars increased to 300 km / h. In order to improve optical performance and aerodynamics, experts have prepared G-Power for the BMW X5 bodikit Typhoon Black Pearl. In the package of improvements included: the modified wheel arches, increased mud and spoilers front and rear. The car became the owner of a unique carbon fiber hood from unvarnished. The slots on the hood provide fast outflow of hot air. Power X5 significantly increased (to 270 hp and torque to 225 Nm) through the compressor system SK III RS, specially developed in the studio. Step up to the first "hundreds" took 4.5 seconds, and already after 16 seconds the speed of developing up to 200 km / h. Black Pearl - a name given BMW X5 tuners studio.